SFRR Newsletter - February 2013

“The battle for food is a battle for the soul,” said my friend, Anna.
That comment brought to mind an image of Michael the Archangel.  (There are lots of powerful visual images of Michael in the folklore of many different religions – including Jewish, Christian and Islamic – an all purpose guy). Those of us on the front lines bringing good food to our families, friends, and neighborhoods are all Michaels waving our swords in the form of grass fed beef and locally grown carrots in our attempt to prevail over the dark forces of the toxic and genetically modified. Is that too grandiose? This is, as you might guess, a lead in to a little bit about what Slow Food been doing this past year and what are we thinking about for 2013. Your SFRR leadership team spends one entire day together every year – usually in January – evaluating the progress we have made and envisioning where we want to go in the coming season.

In 2012 we are proud to have created a collection of beautiful, well attended, educational and fun events. This includes our most ambitious, most-expensive-because-it-was-a-fundraiser summer picnic at Rancho Mark West Nature Center. The property is managed by Land Paths, a Santa Rosa non profit. Our guests of honor were Carlo Petrini, founder of Slow Food Italy, Nikki Henderson of People’s Grocery in Oakland and Alice Waters of Chez Panisse and The Edible Schoolyard. Our fundraising picnic was so well supported that we were able to give $10,000 to one of Carlo’s most beloved projects, A Thousand Gardens in Africa. We also donated $2,000 to People’s Grocery, $3,200 to Land Paths, $1,000 to the El Molino High Culinary Department, $2,500 to Steele Lane School Garden, $500 to Daily Acts in Petaluma, and $500 to Farm to Pantry in Healdsburg.  This is in addition to  offering a series of “mini” events featuring local cheeses, mushrooms and poultry as well as our apple and turkey projects that have been thriving for just about a decade. It has been a good year.

  • Planned Mini Events to include the return of Mushroom Mania, Poultry Field Day and a Cheese Tasting.
  • We hope to strengthen our involvement with young people as we roll out Sueki’s Three Sisters Project. The idea is to partner with middle and high schools that already grow gardens.  We would offer them a selection of ARK seeds (recognized as being in danger of extinction) – in particular, beans, corn and squash, which are not only traditional indigenous foods but are also highly nutritious.  At the end of the season we will invite you, the students and their families to eat heirloom beans together -  beautifully prepared by a local chef or two.
  • Continued conversation about partnering with Farm Trails on how to improve and sustain the annual Gravenstein Apple Fair held in August.
  • Organize and plan with the other Northern California convivia to create another big summer event that can potentially raise funding for deserving projects that strengthen the local food system.
  • Continued work with regional and chapters leaders on the creation of a Slow Food California. Imagine what we could do as a state united in its intention to direct the food system towards good, clean and socially just food for everyone!
It is a no brainer that any and all of these projects will require an enormous commitment of energy and passion on the part of many people.  Anyone who wants to be part of our work, even in a small way, should please email us at info@SFRR.org.  We have fun    together!

Paula Downing
SFRR Leadership Team

P.S.  In case you haven’t heard, we have a new director of SF USA - Richard McCarthy from New Orleans. His work is very well respected which gives us hope that Slow Food USA will continue to do its part to create local sustainable healthy food systems in communities across the country.



Annual Members Meeting 1/27/13
You are cordially invited to the Annual Members Meeting of Slow Food Russian River. Let's get together for conviviality, conversation, a delightful meal, and renew our commitment to our shared purpose: a food system that is good, clean, and fair.  The leadership team welcomes your participation and input. This is a Russian River members-only event, FREE of charge.
You must RSVP online via the following link so that we have enough entrees prepared: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/316410.  Please note: If you would like to attend but are not currently a member of Slow Food Russian River, please arrive prepared to pay the annual membership dues: $25 per person, in cash or by check.

DATE: Sunday, January 27th, 2013
TIME: 4pm
FOOD DETAILS: Entree catered by Ruthy's Real Meals. Please bring your own napkin, utensils and plate. We will provide glasses. Slow-style potluck assignments by last name for Appetizer, Sides, and Desserts as follows:
• Appetizers provided by members with last names from A-J
• Sides or Salads provided by members with last names from K-S 
• Desserts provided by members with names from T-Z 
• Beverages are provided by everyone who brings some!

- Socializing with Beverages and Appetizers
- Review of Accomplishments of SF International, SF USA, and SF Russian River in 2012
- Preview of Plans of SF California and SF Russian River in 2013
- Dinner with main course catered by Ruthy's Real Meals
- Election of Leadership Slate

We have an facebook page with up-to-date news and event information. Join us, comment, share your photos of our SFRR events and let us know what you are up to!

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