SFRR Hero Changing the World

SFRR leader, MICHAEL DIMOCK is included in the book "Everyday Heroes: 50 Americans Changing the World One Nonprofit at a Time"

Meet Michael at our upcoming holiday party, December 9th! Long before words like "sustainable" and "locavore" became headline favorites, Michael Dimock was using his grassroots approach and business acumen to convince community members to set aside differences and join forces around the common objective of preserving the future of local agriculture. Part diplomat, part activist, the Roots of Change president understands what so few others in the new food revolution do: lasting transformation only happens from the inside out.

In honor of his efforts, he was recently included in the book Everyday Heroes: 50 Americans Changing the World One Nonprofit at a Time , published by Welcome Books. Two years ago, photographer Paul Mobley and author and editor Katrina Fried set out to find 50 of the country's most inspiring social entrepreneurs, and the results were nothing short of remarkable. The groundbreaking visual book provides stunning portraits accompanied by first-person narratives, highlighting the stories behind the causes.

Among those featured in the book are several local heroes, including Dimock, whose nonprofits are based in San Francisco. Readers will meet Ben Mangan, who co-founded EARN, an organization that offers the disadvantaged matched savings accounts ear-marked for higher education, homeownership or small business expansion. Armed with no less ambition is Cameron Sinclair, who was only 24 years old when he founded Architecture for Humanity, a global network that brings designers and architects together to collaborate on humanitarian projects. And Chuck Slaughter started Living Goods, which is building a sustainable distribution platform for life-changing products designed to fight poverty and disease in the world's poorest regions.